Happy 2014 Peps!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I know it’s being a very long time that I don’t post anything in here, but I definitely had the worst year of my life in 2013. I heard it was bad for the majority, but I was not lucky AT ALL. I finished 2013, heartbroken, financially broken, and unemployed. LOl! Thanks God things changed very quickly and my life is back on track already 🙂 I hope everyone had an amazing new year and I wish you all hope, inner peace, and love for 2014!!!!!!

I have gone through a lot of research during this months without posting in here and I have realized that many of the love unsuccessful stories that happened in my life was just a result of my emotional unbalance. I have read a lot, I am writing a book, and I have been through therapy to figure out how to fix my core issues related to that. So, I believe that this whole idea of marrying a millionaire have never really existed inside of me, it was just a way to express my completely frustration in dating and relationship. I am looking for someone who will treat me well, respect me, love me, and at the same time we can have an adventurous, fun, and monogamous relationship. I just wish to some day find a good-hearted man, who is willing to be a couple in a relationship, where we can be the best version of ourselves. I still admire a professional successful man, but he does not have to be a millionaire.

I believe everyone has gone through heartbreaking and every single individual reacts differently. Now, I am learning how to have self-respect, love myself, and become a high value woman in all levels, so I can surely be ready when my Mr. Right knock on my door. I am young, stunning beautiful, I have principles and integrity, I am feminine, and I am a woman that all men dream of having in their lives, I just need to acknowledge it and act like a high value woman because I AM.

I am currently IN LOVE with an unavailable man. I know, that is a waste of time, but I feel that for the first time in my life I could coordinate it accordingly to the manual and get out of this emotional roller coaster ride without giving much of me and without taking much of him. It was exhausting and confusing to me, he was always blowing Hot’n’Cold, and I feel that I fell in love with his potential of being my “the one.” The good thing about all that is that I noticed that even though all the bad experiences I had in the past, I still believe in LOVE, and that is incredibility amazing.

I am going to write a post for EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE man soon enough to help you how to identify if he is available for love or he just playing around. Even though, it still hurt on me the fact that I cannot have him, not having his love for me, I think it was still worthy my try because the pain of rejection is much less than the pain of regret. I am happy that at this moment I am not regretting that I have NOT tried, I tried my best, but our best not always work, and I just want to have self-respect in order to do not settle for less than I deserve, does not matter how much love I have on my own for him, if he does not feel the same and are willing to share it with me, he will never meet my needs and I will be extremely frustrated in the future. I don’t want to go through this road again because my happiness matters more than anything today.

Thanks for reading, I feel comforted when I write in here, please leave a comment, or a suggestion of topics. Next post will be about emotionally unavailable people, it serves for man or woman, but I believe it happens more often in man than woman. So, keep up with me and I will be posting soon.