Hello Everyone,

Thanks for coming to my blog and I hope you enjoy my dating advices. I am using my nickname because I don’t want to expose myself or my dates, but that does not make anything less true.

I will bring to you all concepts about online dating as well as my personal experiences. Even though online dating is out there for so long, it only became popular a few years ago, and so many people are still confused with many titles they created, so that’s the reason I invented this blog, to make things clear and to bring different ideas into this new world.

I hope you understand the concept of it as well as the new ideas that I will bring to here.If anyone is interested to write an article for this blog please feel welcome to send it to me through e-mail, make sure to have at least 1000 characters, and I am open for new ideas as well.

Thanks again everyone for stopping by. – Mimi



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